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Minerva Contracting Ltd
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We also carry out independent roofing contracts, including new roofs and the refurbishment of existing roofs.

We have operatives skilled in traditional types of roofing such as slating, tiling, flat roofs and lead work, and are leading experts in the application of GRP waterproofing. We are specialists in the refurbishment of old roofs to current standards of insulation and workmanship. 

Carrying out roof refurbishment work, especially when upgrading insulation needs to be carried out correctly to avoid future problems such as interstitial condensation leading to rotting timbers and structural failure. Condensation in roof spaces is a very real occurrence that we are increasingly discovering due to roofs in recent years being 'upgraded' with insulation without the proper knowledge and experience being applied to insulation, ventilation, mechanical extraction, vapour control layers, preventing cold bridging, etc.

As fully vetted and accredited members of the government licensed CompetentRoofer, we have unsurpassed knowledge and experience in this field. CompetentRoofer allows us to self-certify our roof refurbishment works as Building Regulations compliant; to achieve this requires a complex understanding of current practices and on going independent inspections of workmanship and safety standards.

As a testament to the above, all of our full roof refurbishment works comes with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

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